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World Leading Wireless Service Enabler Overview
  • Explained space about service policy of mobile products. Depanding on the each model,
    There may be differences in service provision.

01. Service policy
-  Period of free service is within 1 year after purchase.(Product Warranty)
-  Only, implement 6 month free service in case of battery.
-  Free services are not able to get in case of user's fault or natural disasters even within free service period.
-  Customers are able to get a A/S receipt and shipment from buying agency.
-  Logistic costs are not included in the free service.(Regarding repaired product as product problem will ship the product as payment in acvence)

02. Free Service
If there have breakedown under normal using within 1 year from purchase day. User can get a free service.
Type of product defect Type of product defect-In case of repair required major parts after 14 days from purchasing date. /Compensation
Under Warranty After the warranty
Breakdown by normal using or in case of breakdown by function problem. In case of repair required of major parts after 14 days from purchasing date. Service free of charge or Product Replacement Paid Service
In cace of repair required after 14 days from purchasing date. Free Service Paid Service
In case of user fault or natural disaters There is no relationship with the date of purchase Paid Service Paid Service
※Natural disasters:Disasters such as Fire, Damage from sea wind, Thunderstroke, Flood and Earthquik

03. Paid Service
In breakedown cases If it is not broken when requesting service, customer have to pay a cost so, Please be sure to read user's manual.
In breakedown cases by user fault When a fault occurs by carelessness, ramdom repair or alteration.
When a fault occurs by persons none of our technician or Specify cooperation's technician.
When a fault occurs by using additional puchases rsseparately
In orther cases In case of broken by natural disasters such as fire, food and End of life of consumable parts.