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ME-C70/71K Europe

  • FD-LTE:850/1800
  • UMTS:2100
  • Use Qualcomm MDM 9215 chip
  • FOTA(Air firmware update)
  • Use Linux OS
  • Release SK telecom(Support GMMP for the first time in Korea)
  • Optimized with modem for industrial.
  • Supported WebUI

What is LTE modem for industrial?
Provide internet function to connect with application equipments for industrial such as CCTV,
Temporaray shops, POS, Terminal Bank ATM.

LAN Specification
 -One Ethernet(ME-C70)/Two Ethernet(ME-C71)10/100 Base-T RJ45 Plug
 -DHCP Server/NAT(Port Forwarding,DMZ)
 -Firewall(Mac Address Filter, IP Address Filter)
 -VPN Pass Through(PPTP,LT2P and IPSec Pass Through)


  Uplink Downlink
FD-LTE 50Mbps 100Mbps
TD-LTE 18Mbps 61Mbps
WCDMA 384kbps 384kbps
HSDPA/HSUPA 5.76Mbps 14Mbps
HSPA+ 11Mbps 42Mbps

ME-C70 Size
57x86x25.7mm with case
ME-C70 Weight
Typical 85g

ME-C71 Size
62x95x24.2mm with case
ME-C71 Weight
Typical 95g

External Interface
RJ45 Ethernet Port/Push Type SIM Socket/DC Jack/Two SMA Type
Antenna Ports(Main/Diversity)
3G/LTE/LAN/Power Dual Color Status Leds

Support Browser
1.Microsoft Internet Explorer 7,8,9,10-10 is olny window8
2.Safari 5,6,- MAC only, and 6 is only Mac OS X10.8
3.Firefox 14,15
4.Google Chrome 21

Detail Specification

ltem Derscriptions
Chipset Mobileeco ME-C21K(Qualcomm MDM9215/WTR1605L/PM8018)
AIR Standard LTE Release 9(FDD/TDD)Category3 ( 3GPP TS 34.521 )/
WCDMA Rel'99+/ HSDPA Rel 5 / HSUPA Rel6 /
HSPA+ Rel 7 / DC-HSPA+ Rel8
Max output power LTE : 23dBm(+/-)2.7dB (Power class:3)
RF technology Zero Intermediate Frequency
Power 5VDC +/- 10%
Current Consumption Standlt mode : ldle (About 100mA)
Busy mode : About 800mA (Max Power)
Operating Temperature -20℃~ +50℃
Storage Temperatture -30℃~ +70℃
Operating humidity 5%~95%
Storge humidiry 5%~95%
Size 58 x 86 x 25.7mm with case
Weight Typical 85g
External Interface RJ45 Ethermet Port / Push Type SIM Socket / DC Jack / Two SMA Type Antenna Ports(Main/Diversity)
3G/LTE/LAN/Power Dual Color Status Leds
Management/Diagnostic Web Base management from PC
USIM Management, SW Upgrade and QXDM supported by RJ45