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    Mobileeco who subsidiary company of Kosdaq listed company Wooriro had established 2009. Qualcomm licenses has been obtained in 2012. Especially, mobileeco is development company focuses product of modem and module based 5G/LTE. Internal module for M2M(Machine-to-Machine), External modem and indoor CPE etc…

    Engineer of mobileeco had a experience at least more than 10 years in field of wireless data such as 5G/LTE. And we have the world best technology in the same filed.

    We are launching our products and develop new product Regardless Domestic or Global market. We are supplying LTE/3G module to docomo for migrate 3G to LTE and also supplying industrial global router to HITACHI IES, subway/train public WiFi router to Seoul city, Korea

    mobileeco not only develop products also manage products of the DB through PMS(Production Management System) from the early period of development to the production and delivery to our customers with all the process. We always consider customer’s satisfaction is top priority of us
Business Area Wireless/IoT/M2M
Main Product 5G/LTE/Module/Modem/Router
Address 4F SungRyeong Bldg. 869-9 BangBae-Dong, SeoCho-Gu, Seoul City, Korea
R&D Center 4F SungRyeong Bldg. 869-9 BangBae-Dong, SeoCho-Gu, Seoul City, Korea
Founded year December 2009
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